What is Google Cloud Compute Engine (GCE) ?

Google Compute Engine is the infrastructure as a service( IaaS) component of the Google Cloud Platform. Google has naturally acquired a lot of competency in building high available optimized servers for its product offerings like Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, and other services. Google allows running customer workloads on Google’s physical hardware through Google Cloud Compute Engine (GCE) infrastructure offerings.

Google Compute Engine allows users to create virtual servers and deploy websites and applications. Google Compute Engine provides a scalable number of virtual machines ( VMs ) to serve as large compute clusters for that purpose.

Google Cloud Compute Engine offers pretty important features that can be used for scalable hosting.

  • Load Balancing: The server-side load balancing helps to distribute the incoming traffic to multiple virtual servers. This can be used for distributing the load or as a mechanism for providing redundancy when a server is down.
  • By Minute Billing: Google Cloud Compute Engine is billed by the minute. So the moment you stop using the infrastructure, or if some spikes are used for 2 minutes only for two minutes that is billed for.
  • Integrated Networking: Google provides comprehensive features set for integrated networks. You can create virtual networks, public networks, private networks and subnets, firewalls, etc for your network-related work.
  • Machine Types: Google provides standard and custom machines types to spin-off server instance

In a way, Google Cloud Compute Engine is the cloud infrastructure that offers flexible and economical server capabilities for the users.

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