Migration to Google Cloud

Moving website hosting or applications from one environment to another is a challenging task and should involve qualified people. The migration needs to be planned, designed and executed one by one systematically.

Rhea has migration to google cloud services through which we understand and develop a plan to migrate and deploy. Rhea can help customers with migration whether it is from On-premise deployment or another cloud deployment. Our consultants can help understand current workloads and migrate as it ease or with possible optimization.

Private Hosting Environment to Google Cloud

In private hosting environment such as a co-location facility, you buy some hardware and co-location vendor manages certain aspects of the hardware maintenance. In the co-location facilities, once you buy the server, you need to put the virtualization software and maintain the division of resources into different virtual machines, etc.

When you are on such a private cloud, you can configure an equivalent custom virtual private server and install all the prerequisites for your application environment.
Once the environment is ready and the application is moved, data migration can be carried. Thorough testing and backup plans help in moving to the Google Cloud environment.
Google supports zones and regions so that for compliance purposes if the data and application need to be hosted within the country, the virtual servers need to be created in that region.

Public Cloud Environment to Google Cloud

Public Cloud Environment like Google Cloud, AWS and Azure have the advantage that you don’t need to manage the whole resource stack. You can focus on the stack that is needed for you. Also, you are agnostic to the hardware that is running the public cloud and you don’t need to manage any hardware related aspects at all.

Once you are in a public cloud environment, it is easy to migrate to Google Cloud.
Before migrating we need to define the applications that have legacy operations and cloud-native operations. The legacy operations typically do not have auto-scalable concepts whereas cloud natives can be called automatically.
During the migration time, you need to analyze if any of the legacy operations can be moved to the cloud-native mode and then plan for the migration.

Rhea is a competent company that has installed and migrated customers to Google Cloud. Contact us if you are considering moving your infrastructure to Google Cloud.

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